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We strive to equip leaders across all organizational tiers with the requisite tools to metamorphose into visionary implementers. Contrast Results Group believes in effecting transformative change, either by associating with clients on their ongoing ventures or by sketching novel approaches that coalesce organizational strategy, culture, and talent growth. We don’t stop at strategy – we help execute and deliver the results that compel forward thriving business practices and driven leaders. We place creativity and innovation at the heart of our growth strategies, using them as springboards for catapulting progress.

Pioneering Pathways: Strategic Leadership & Investment Insights for Executives

This course focuses on teaching high-level executives about the key strategic leadership skills necessary for navigating the complex world of investment. It also includes the latest trends and insights in the investment industry.

Elevate & Influence: Senior Leadership Skillset for Investment Success

This program is designed for senior leaders to hone their abilities in critical decision-making, risk management, and influence, specifically in the investment landscape. 

The Middle Management Revolution: Driving Investment Growth Through Effective Leadership

Targeted towards mid-level managers, this course emphasizes on leadership development, team coordination, and communication, tailored to the specific needs of the investment field.

The Investment Vanguard: Empowering Frontline Employees with Leadership Skills

This course aims at instilling leadership qualities in frontline employees, focusing on effective communication, decision-making, and understanding of investment principles.

Cross-Level Leadership Excellence: Integrating Investment & People Management Skills

This comprehensive course is meant for all levels of leadership, focusing on integrating people management skills with investment knowledge to promote cross-functional efficiency and organizational success.


Our workshops and seminars are customized using a variety of methods and experts. We combine training, education, and our coaching approach to create cohesive aligned teams. Our experts are trained in the delivery of team performance using Basadur Profiles, Disc Methodology. We may use assessment tools to help teams and members understand how they operate together. We look for the ability to powerfully align, communicate, appreciate the differences and honour the contribution of every employee.

“While things in my life overall were ‘fine’, I decided to pursue coaching because I felt I needed some next level guidance. Christine’s approach has completely changed the way I approach life from how I engage with people to how I make tough decisions. Her coaching has played a huge role in in helping me unlock potential on a number of fronts.”

Jeremy Stepak, CFO at Greentake Technologies


 Enhancing Talent Management at Appficiency with Contrast Results Group

The Challenge:

Appficiency, an international digital technology firm, found itself growing at an unprecedented rate. With offices worldwide and a rapidly expanding environment, the company faced a formidable challenge: how to identify high-performing leaders and align their roles and responsibilities with future career pathways, in order to maintain the pace of expansion and innovation.

The Solution:

The company turned to Contrast Results Group, a renowned organization in the field of leadership coaching and talent management. Contrast Results Group proposed a comprehensive talent assessment and succession planning program, aimed at understanding the leadership capabilities within Appficiency and developing a structured path for their future development and advancement.

The Strategy

The program, named “Pathways to Succession”, was multi-faceted. It included a 360-degree assessment, personality tests, and a series of interviews. These tools helped in gaining a deeper understanding of the high-potential leaders within Appficiency, their strengths, areas of development, and aspirations.

The Implementation

Over a few months, Contrast Results Group conducted the assessments and interviews, revealing not only who the high performers were but also where their skills, ambitions, and the company’s future needs aligned. Using this valuable data, they crafted a succession plan that mapped out potential career paths for these individuals.

The Outcomes

The program had profound and multi-dimensional impacts:

Talent Development: The program identified high-performing individuals within the company and provided a clear, structured pathway for their progression. This helped these individuals grow into their roles more effectively and increased their commitment to the company.
Succession Planning: The implementation of the succession plan ensured that the organization was prepared for future changes, with a pool of talented leaders ready to step up when needed. This provided Appficiency with a reliable framework to maintain its innovative edge and leadership in the digital technology industry.
Operational Efficiency: By aligning roles and responsibilities with future career paths, the company was able to maximize operational effectiveness and maintain its rapid pace of growth. The increased clarity in roles also led to a boost in productivity and job satisfaction among the team. The company has seen a remarkable reduction in employee turnover, and the cost associated with disengaged employees.

The Future

The partnership between Appficiency and Contrast Results Group led to a step-change in how the company approached talent management and succession planning. Their investment in identifying and coaching high-performing leaders has set the foundation for sustained growth, operational excellence, and future leadership stability. This project has shown the importance of comprehensive succession planning, and how such an approach can ensure the rapid elevation and development of talent within a thriving organization.