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At the heart of any coaching relationship is trust. The difference between coach-based consulting and strategic consulting is that we are working inside your business with you. Start unlocking the potential of yourself, your team and your business today.


Strategic Turnaround and Visionary Leadership at Dotfusion

The Challenge:

Dotfusion, an innovative digital technology company, found itself at a critical juncture. CEO Chris Bryce sought to navigate an essential period of business execution. Despite the company’s technical prowess, it was clear a new strategic direction was required to align with his intrinsic leadership values and to reflect the purpose of the business. 

The Solution:

Chris chose to collaborate with Contrast Results Group CEO Christine Nielsen, a proven specialist in business coaching and strategic development. Through an intensive coaching journey, the CEO reconnected with his passion for the business, sparking a transformation that would profoundly impact Dotfusion’s future. 

The Transformation

The coaching process began with a deep exploration of Chris’s leadership values and the purpose that inspired the founding of Dotfusion. The master coach guided Chris to illuminate his vision for the company, transforming it into a compelling new strategic direction. The result was a bold decision: to evolve Dotfusion into a B-Corp, aligning the company’s commercial success with social good. 

The Implementation

Contrast Results Group didn’t stop at vision crafting. They worked closely with Chris to transform this vision into an actionable strategy. Through focused, results-oriented sessions, they co-created a robust implementation plan that extended across Dotfusion’s international operations. This ensured a seamless transition as Dotfusion evolved from a conventional digital technology company into the impactful and purpose driven company it is today. 

The Outcomes

The impact of coaching and strategic turnaround was multifaceted:

Organizational Impact: The transition to a new vision for the business led to a new, purpose-driven corporate culture at Dotfusion. It enhanced employee morale and increased talent retention, while also making the company more attractive to socially-conscious investors. Internationally, Dotfusion’s subsidiaries embraced the new vision, strengthening its brand and reputation as a global digital technology leader committed to social impact. 
Personal Brand: The strategic turnaround had a profound effect on Chris Bryce’s personal brand. He was recognized as a thought-leader in marrying technology and social responsibility, and his renewed passion became a beacon of inspiration for his team and the wider tech industry. He is now known as the sailing CEO. He combines his passion for adventure in his business, with his clients and his employees. 
Business Performance: The transition also had tangible effects on Dotfusion’s bottom line. The company saw improved business performance as it attracted a broader range of clients and partners who identified with its new vision, ultimately becoming a B-Corp. 

The Future

The work of Contrast Results Group with Chris Bryce and Dotfusion illustrates the transformative power of business coaching. By reconnecting with his foundational values and the purpose of his business, Chris Bryce reshaped his personal brand, realigned his company, and ignited a new chapter of success for Dotfusion. The partnership continues to foster Dotfusion’s growth, championing the intertwining of commercial success with making a positive impact on the world.